GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

School’s in, and we’re off to a great start!

We had a wonderful day on Friday celebrating our Back to School Olympic Theme.  Miss Farrer’s class did and awesome job organizing our fun.

Our new Monday-Friday schedule will take effect this week, so students will be participating in music, library, gym, French, computer, art, and drama. We are thrilled to have Mrs. Thorne teaching science to our class for the first and last quarters of the year.   This being our first week, our only test will be our List 1 Spelling Test, which will take place on Friday for both grades.  Please ensure that the children are prepared for this by studying their lists each night.  This is an excellent time of year to establish great study and homework habits! 

I am looking forward to hearing about and seeing all the wonderful treasures in the “Me” In a Bag projects that went home last Thursday!  What a great way to start our Monday 🙂

 Have a fantastic week.  See you at the Parent Information Night, Tuesday, September 11th at 7 pm.  This is an important night to connect with our school’s leadership and catch the vision for the new school year. 

Mrs. D. 

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November 21st-25th

Thank you to all parents who were able to make it to parent-teacher conferences.  Your input and support from home are a vital part of your child’s success at school.  I enjoyed meeting with all of you, and look forward to a wonderful year as we move ahead.

Here is the newsletter for the next week of school: 


Please remember that all library books are due back on the first day of each week.  If your child would like to renew their books for that week, they are welcome to do so, but will not be able to check out new books until the others are returned.  We are so thankful for the wonderful treasures our library has to offer, and would like to keep them circulating throughout the student body.

This week, your children will be filling out their Healthy Eating Journals that went home in their agendas.  All they need to do is write what they have eaten and drank for each meal of the day, including snacks.  They can choose the 5 days they would like to record, but I have encouraged them to do the three days of this long weekend to kickstart the activity, as they will be home and have more opportunity to jot things down.  On Friday, we will be choosing one or two of the days they’ve recorded to see how they have compared to the recommended daily guidelines for children their age.  We’ve been having a lot of fun with our nutrition unit in health.  The children will have a wonderful “lapbook”  they have made to take home with them at the end of our study.

Mrs. Devries

Enjoy your weekend, and we will see you next week!



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News and Notes This Week

Good Morning, Parents!

This is a quick posting to remind you to check our newsletter from last week, as it covers news for this short week and for last week.

Please remember to send in the money for our Fall Party, which is taking place this Wednesday afternoon.  The cost is $3.00 per child. Children are encouraged to dress up as friendly scarecrows – let’s see how creative we can be with things from around our homes.

Library books will be due on Monday mornings from now on, as Mrs. Huising and Mrs. McPhail will be recataloguing books before our Wednesday library times. 

Please remember that there will be no school this Thursday and Friday, as the teachers will be attending the Teacher’s Convention in Moncton, NB.


Mrs. D.

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October 3rd Newsletter

Welcome back to a new week!  I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend in spite of the rain.

I’ve posted our newsletter for your perusal.  We have another busy week ahead of us, so please take note of all that is going on.  Hopefully, you’ll find this easy to print it off for your convenience at home.

Oct 3rd Newsletter

Thank you for your assistance in signing agendas at night.  The children have been encouraged to set a regular time for meeting with you at home to review homework and getting their agendas signed.  I know that this can be a challenge (experienced mom speaking), but I encourage you to hold your children accountable in this.  Mrs. Klassen and I check the agendas every morning, and if you note homework that was not finished, we will follow through with students to complete what needs to be done. 

It has come to my attention that there have been some social issues between students in our class (for example, exclusion of others, competition for friendship, unkind words, etc.)   I strongly encourage you as parents to let me know if there are things going on that I may not be privy to. I have told the children that I do not want to hear rumors through other students about things that are happening to them.  They are welcome to talk with me at any time, as are parents.  As a class, we will continue to talk about friendship, sharing, and healthy ways of communicating with one another. 

We are blessed to have a new librarian working in our school – Mrs. Sue Huizing.  Our class will be meeting with her on Wednesday afternoons from 2:00-2:30 pm.  Get ready for some fun with the “crazy library lady”!Click on the link below to see what’s new in the library:

Library Announcement

Grade Four students will be continuing to read their novel, Song of the Brook this week. We will begin working on their first book report together after the holiday weekend.  Stay tuned for more details.

Mrs. Laird will be taking some of our students to the Provincial Cross Country run this Thursday. If they have been asked to participate, your children will find out more details early this week . 

I wish all of you a wonderful, relaxing time with family over the upcoming holiday weekend.  It is hard to believe that we’ve come this far already!  May God Bless you as you spend time enjoying the many blessings He has given.


Mrs. Devries

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