GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Snowy Enough Fer Ya? – Mid-week Update

on February 14, 2017

Well, it appears winter is against love of literacy… With that being said, here is the mid-week update.

Elementary Skate

The elementary skate scheduled for Wednesday, February 15th has been cancelled. Students should come prepared for regular afternoon classes.

Valentine’s Party

Grade 3/4 will go ahead with a small Valentine’s Day party tomorrow afternoon. Students are still encouraged to bring in valentines for their classmates and, if they wish, a treat to share with the class. However, we won’t be building reading forts as we will have less time for our party and, let’s face it, lots of work to do. We will save that activity for another day.

Muffin Sale

Tomorrow morning, Mrs. Huizing will be selling her fresh blueberry and chocolate chip muffins for $2.00 in support of The Coldest Night of the Year.

Fro-Yo Sale

This Thursday, the GCS Senior Cheerleaders will be selling vanilla frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles for $2.00.  All money generated from this sale will go towards helping the team attend a cheer competition in April.

Love of Reading Week Revised

Scheduled events on school days that have been cancelled will not be rescheduled.  If you have any questions regarding Love of Reading week, please contact Mrs. Biech.

Wednesday: Sweet Reading – Each student will have the opportunity to complete a sheet about books they love.  When this is returned to Mrs. Biech in the library (during lunch), she will have a sweet treat.

Thursday: Book Character Day – Dress up as character from a book.  Also, during lunch or during the afternoon classes, students will be invited to check out some great book report projects from various grades in the foyer.

Friday: Skiing, Art and Reading – Grades 3-12 will be heading to Brookvale for the day (see below) while grades K-2 will enjoy art and literacy activities with Mrs. Biech.

High school students are welcome to participate in each of the days.  All students should be encouraged to bring a book with them each day as there will be some Stop, Drop, and Read times fit in as well.

Ski Trip (This Friday)

Skiing is still planned to go ahead as scheduled.  Right now, the weather looks as if there will be LOTS of snow!  Skiing forms and permission slips will be sent out with the students to be signed as soon as we return to class. All money will be collected the following day, and must be collected by Friday morning.

The most important information that Mr. Biech needs is number of students taking lessons.  Please have a discussion with your child to determine their need for a lesson so that they can tell their teacher tomorrow.

Revised Assignments

We will reschedule all quizzes and tests until next week.

Happy shoveling!


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