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Storms! (Both Literal and Figurative) – Week 20 at GCS

on January 22, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody!

Literal Storms

It looks as if we may be getting a bit of weather on Tuesday into Wednesday. Therefore, I’m going to post, as a reminder, the cancellation procedure for GCS.

In the case of a “one hour delay”, school will begin at 10:00am, while a “school closure” results in no school at all for the day.

When announcements are made for a delay or closure, GCS follows the Public School Board, formerly knows as the English Language School Board.  Alternatively, sometimes only certain schools will be delayed or closed and will be announced by “family of schools”; GCS follows the Bluefield Family, Colonel Gray Family, and Charlottetown Rural Family of schools.  If any of these are delayed or canceled, GCS will be also.

There are a number of ways to know if there is a school delay or closure; they are as follows:

  1. We will post on the GCS Facebook (Grace Christian School – Prince Edward Island), Twitter (@gcs_pei), and Instagram (gcspei) accounts
  2. Each PEI radio station regularly announces delays/closures
  3. The CBC Stormcentre website (http://www.cbc.ca/stormcentre/pei/)
  4. The PEI radio station websites also post delays/closures on their sites
  5. Families can opt in to a GCS text message notification.  If school is delayed or canceled, a text message can be sent from GCS to one cell phone in the family to notify of the delay/closure.  This is an OPT-IN ONLY program.  If you would like to use this option, please email Jordan Ellis (jellis@gcspei.ca) with the cell phone number that you want to have the text message notification be sent to.  If you opted in last year and still have the same cell phone number, it is already still in the system

Storm Basketball Team + Science

Now for the other type of “storm”! On Friday, January 27th, students in grade 3 and 4 will be travelling to UPEI for the afternoon to perform some scientific research with the Storm basketball players at one of the team’s practices. We will be leaving school at 12:15 and returning by 2:00. If you are able to drive, please indicate how many students you can take on the permission form that was sent home last Friday.

Bracelets for Persecuted Women

On Monday, January 30th, grade 3 and 4 will be help Voice of the Martyrs ministry by making bracelets with colors that represent Psalm 23 for persecuted women in Sri Lanka. The bracelets act as a hidden sign of being a Christian, as well as a reminder for the persecuted that they are prayed for by their family in Christ.

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Wednesday – Math Test 14, Penmanship Test
  • Thursday – Bible Quiz
  • Friday – Spelling Test 15

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Language Quiz 12
  • Wednesday – Penmanship Test
  • Thursday – Math Test 8, Bible Quiz
  • Friday – Spelling Test 15, Language Test 6

Have a wonderful week!


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