GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

December Approacheth – Week 13 at GCS

on November 27, 2016

Thank you all SO MUCH for helping to put together what I think was the best of the baskets for the pancake breakfast and silent auction! The art tote looked fabulous! In just a few short hours, we generated approximately $4000 for our school.  More importantly, it was a blessing to see families visiting with on another and building stronger ties within our GCS community.

Starting this week, we will be gearing up for the annual Christmas Program with practices on Monday and Thursday during school hours. Other than that, there is not too much going on!

The Promise of Cookies

Students are still working on verbs avoir and etre in Mrs. Laird’s French class. She will be testing them again this week, with the promise of cookies for the class when the material is mastered by all the students. C’mon, kids! You can do it!

New Bible Memory Verse

Provers 7:1-3 will be due on December 12.

My son, keep my words
and treasure up my commandments with you;
 keep my commandments and live;
keep my teaching as the apple of your eye;
bind them on your fingers;
write them on the tablet of your heart.

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Tuesday – French Test
  • Wednesday – Math Test 9
  • Thursday – Language Test 5
  • Friday – Spelling Test 11

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – French Test
  • Thursday – Math Quiz 6
  • Friday – Spelling Test 11

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