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Steady On – Week 9 at GCS

on October 30, 2016

Hello parents!

Well, we had an excellent time last week celebrating Science and Technology Week! I’m sure your children told you all about viewing the high school students’ Art of Science displays, making comets with an engineer from UPEI, designing their own space scene using chalk pastels, and creating edible human skeletons with lots of glorious candies. It was a very fun and educational week of activities!

Now we are back to a bit of routine again. At least for a few days!

Operation Christmas Child

One small shoebox can have a big impact! You can be a part of changing children’s lives all over the world in Jesus’ name through the power of a simple gift with Operation Christmas Child. This excellent ministry blesses thousands of children each year who would otherwise never receive a gift. Not only that, but these children have the opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel! Last year, we sent 350 shoeboxes from our school and we are hoping to do so yet again! Empty boxes were sent home with students last week. Collection day will be Monday, November 14th. Thanks to a generous donor, the shipping fees have already been covered so all you and your child have to do is get busy filling the box. I don’t know about you, but I am already excitedly planning what gifts to include.

What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal.

Visit to the Mount

Next Monday, November 7th, the grade 3/4 class will be travelling to The Mount Continuing Care Community to minister to the seniors there by putting on a brief Remembrance Day program. Permission slips will be sent home this week. We will need drives for this event so please let me know if you can help.

Book Reports for Grade 4

This week, I will be sending home the outline for the Grade 4 book report on Song of the Brook. Students will draft their rough copies and edit them in class. However, the creative portion of the project and the good copy must be completed at home. Students will likely need parental support to gather supplies and put things together.

Social Studies Success

Congratulations to my hard-working students on mastering last week’s test on the provinces of Canada! I know some of the students were worried, but they all did just great.

And… Reading

Remember that it is really important that your child is reading every evening, once to self and ONCE ALOUD. It is only by reading aloud that you will know whether or not your child is really grasping what he or she is reading. I have caught a few bluffers this past week who had apparently “read” the assigned work but had no idea what the passage was about. Please make sure that reading is happening every evening!

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes, and Assignments

Grade 3

  • Tuesday – Good Copy Due
  • Wednesday – Writing Test
  • Thursday – Math Test 6
  • Friday – Spelling Test 8

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Good Copy Due
  • Wednesday – Writing Test
  • Friday – Spelling Test 8, Math Quiz 4

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