GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Winding Down – Week 38 at GCS

on June 13, 2016

Good evening parents,

We have made it to the final full week of classes and it’s hard to believe that there are only nine days to go. Please be aware of the up-coming events.

Year-end Trip Rescheduled

Alas, our scheduled trip fell on cold and rainy in the middle of June. We were fortunate to be able to reschedule our year-end trip to Emmanuel Bible Camp for this coming Friday. I’m praying for warm weather and that there will be no rain! Thank you for flexibility in the face of late notice.


As noted before, we’re still looking for some outstanding library books. Please check under beds and in closets where the missing books may be hiding so that we can get them back to Mrs. Biech as soon as possible.

Lunch for the Boys

Don’t pack a lunch for your boy this coming Thursday, June 16th! Mr. Able is graciously offering to provide a meal for the grade 3 and 4 boys who were involved in his lunchtime Bible study over the past few months. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Able for his interest in the spiritual development of the students and the time he has put into teaching them.

Family Fun Day at Sandspit

Thursday, June 23rd will be our annual Family Fun Day at Sandspit! The ride bracelets this year will be $12.50 per person and allow for all rides except the go-karts. When purchasing bracelets, let the cashier know you are with the GCS group. Hours of operation are from 9:30am – 3:30pm. This is a great opportunity for you to come and enjoy your children and the fellowship of other parents. You are reminded that there is no supervision by GCS staff and each parent is responsible for either attending with their children or making provision for their children to be cared for.

School Closing

We are hopeful you can join us on Friday, June 24th in the church sanctuary around 9:30 AM as we celebrate our school year with songs, awards, special presentations, and an incredible slideshow of photos.  Remember this is a very short day for students, so for those needing to prepare for childcare, heads up!  Students will return to their classrooms following this celebration service to obtain their final report card, and will be dismissed for the day. Parents can expect to pick their children up by 11:30 AM.

Hang in there for nine more days!


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