GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Mid-March – Week 25 at GCS

on March 9, 2016

Here we are, almost to the end of the winter season, and I am extremely blessed with the amount of focus from the students! Bravo, grade 3 and 4!

Check out what’s coming up in the next two weeks:

ESL Meeting

The ESL community is gathering tonight, Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm for an evening of conversation with Mr. Biech and Dr. Huizing. Please bring your feedback, comments, questions, and concerns.

Class Party: Technology Day!

Over the past few months I’ve been acknowledging the students’ good character traits and positive attitudes by rewarding the class with little pompoms to fill up what I call my “I Like It!” Jar. The class has reached their goal of filling the jar! For a class prize they chose the opportunity to have a Technology Day. Students are permitted to take in a device on which they can play appropriate games this Thursday, March 10th. Any student without a device can borrow a laptop from the computer or double up with their classmates. Way to go, class!


This Friday afternoon, students will once again head to Simmons Arena for an elementary skate.  What a blessing it has been for all the elementary teachers to watch their students build community with one another and enjoy a little ice time together! We are also pleased to announce that, thanks to a volunteer, we WILL have the bus to transport students for this skate.

Skiing Update

Although many students were disappointed about missing another ski trip to Brookvale, there is a positive to it all – a winter unlike last year’s snowfest!  The students’ money will be returned to them this week.  We will TRY, once again, to make it to the slopes on March 17th, so be on the lookout for new permission slips and rental forms.

Planters’ Gala

This past week, each GCS family received an invitation to our annual Planters’ Gala. This year’s gala is extra-special, as we celebrate our 35 years of service at GCS.  During a 3 course meal, we will honor the GCS of yesterday, reflect on the GCS of today, and reveal some exciting plans for the GCS of tomorrow.  This is an evening you will not want to miss!

Tickets are $100/person, and can be purchased from Mrs. MacNeill, Mr. Thomson, or Mr. Biech. A $50 tax receipt will be provided for each ticket purchased.

Winter Carnival Dress-up Days

Teaching: the one profession where you are encouraged to attend in your pajamas on certain occasions. 😛

That’s right, next week it’s Winter Carnival Week at GCS! Once again, here are the scheduled theme days for the week. We encourage students to dress up and display some school spirit! More information will be posted on the particulars of these days soon.

Monday – PAJAMA  DAY



Thursday – SKIING at BROOKVALE (grades 3-12)  SKATING (grades JK-2); If we cannot ski, then we will join the K-2 classes and go skating. Also, if we do not ski, it will be GREEN DAY.

Bible Verse

The students did a fantastic job memorizing the longer passage from February. Now they are working on the following verse from Psalms, due on March 15th:

“Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn your commands.”   – Psalm 119:73

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Wednesday – Math Test 20, Language Test 9
  • Friday – Spelling Test 22

Grade 4

  • Wednesday – Language Quiz 16
  • Friday – Spelling Test 22, Math Test 11


Lastly, we had a lot of fun last week cheering on the grade three students as they demonstrated how to make a favorite food for The Grade Three Cooking Show. Students did a fabulous job and I sense there are some future chefs in the making in the class. 🙂 Check out some of the pictures below.



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