GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Updates and Winter Carnival Info

on March 3, 2015

Hey all! With the school cancellation, I decided that a few reminders are in order. Plus, we now have information on next week’s Winter Carnival!


Skating for tomorrow is a go. We also are being blessed with the chance to use the bus. Students can be picked up either at Simmons Arena at 2:45 or at the school at 3:00.

Science Fair

The Science Fair has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 5th. We invite you to come and take a peek at the exhibits any time between 2:00 and 3:00 in the church lobby. Winners will be announced at the end of this public viewing time.

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival is a yearly tradition to look forward to! Students are invited to show their school spirit and join in the fun by participating in our theme days!  Remember that modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the rule.

Monday – PAJAMA  DAY

A student favorite!  Wear your favorite pajamas to school but don’t forget to wake up!

Tuesday – TWIN  DAY

Get together with a friend (or more than one) and make plans to dress alike, do     your hair alike – whatever it takes to become “twins” OR twin with a doll, action figure or stuffed animal.


Are you coming or going?  Wear your clothes backwards today.                        


Dress up in formal celebration clothes today.  Wear a crown or tiara if you want.

Friday – SKIING at BROOKVALE (grades 3-12)  SKATING (grades JK-2)

Pictures! Finally!

I’ve finally located my cord so that I can post the many pictures that have been sitting on my phone for the past two months. Take a look at the adventures of grade 3 and 4! Included are pictures of saying goodbye to Pastor Steve, sledding down the hill for our extra recess, experimenting with paper airplanes and plants in science class, presenting book reports, participating in Love of Reading Week, having fun skating, and delivering baskets to plow drivers. Wow! It has been a fantastic few weeks!

IMG_20150107_094713813 IMG_20150116_141753593 IMG_20150116_141851996 IMG_20150116_142729082 IMG_20150116_143238091 IMG_20150119_141300223 IMG_20150119_142658683 IMG_20150119_142659683 IMG_20150126_143719523_HDR IMG_20150126_143749663 IMG_20150126_143801655 IMG_20150126_143808008 IMG_20150126_143826756 IMG_20150126_143839498 IMG_20150126_143858254 IMG_20150126_143909203 IMG_20150130_121624510 IMG_20150130_124554137 IMG_20150204_130652266 IMG_20150204_131521319 IMG_20150204_132524017 IMG_20150204_132533095 IMG_20150204_133206951 IMG_20150204_133653229 IMG_20150212_091926418 IMG_20150212_092339041 IMG_20150212_092355948 IMG_20150212_092404456 IMG_20150212_092413196 IMG_20150212_092424388 IMG_20150212_092436981 IMG_20150212_092444581 IMG_20150212_134000115 IMG_20150212_134005237_HDR IMG_20150212_134010481_HDR IMG_20150212_134015932_HDR IMG_20150212_134023887 IMG_20150212_134133917 IMG_20150212_134305819 IMG_20150226_141945753 IMG_20150226_142031327 IMG_20150226_142836348 IMG_20150227_153547116


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