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Snow Is Here and There’s No Doubt a Boot It! – January 19-23

on January 19, 2015

Well, the students of grade 3 and 4 had a delightful time out on the sledding hill last Friday afternoon. What a hoot it was to see them laughing and enjoying their well-deserved break in the freshly fallen snow!

Book Report Projects

This week students are going to be working on book report projects. Please be sure to go over the requirements for the project with your child as some parental guidance with planning and gathering materials may be necessary. An outline for the grade three project went home last week and the outline for the grade four project will be going home tomorrow. Please note the due dates (January 26 for grade three and February 2 for grade four) as late projects will be penalized. I am looking forward to seeing the students’ creativity shine through!

Fashionably Late? Maybe Not…

Just a friendly reminder to be sure to try to have your child here at school by 8:45. Students have to shed their outwear, tie their shoes, gather supplies from their kitbag, copy homework, and have their agenda looked at by their teacher all BEFORE 9:00 when we start class. It is really difficult to have a smooth start to the day when half of the students are entering the room as the rest of the class is already singing “O Canada.” Thank you very much for your cooperation in this.

International Potluck

As our school continues to be blessed with so many families from China, we are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Mark your calendars and dig out your recipe book, because on Tuesday, February 17 at 5:00 pm, GCS will host another International Potluck Dinner. All are welcomed for another great night of food and entertainment from around the world.


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Don’t forget to check out this month’s school newsletter: http://www.gracechristianschool.ca/files/4114/2142/0138/January_2015.pdf

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Wednesday – Penmanship Test 11
  • Friday – Spelling Test 15, Math Test 14

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Language Quiz 12
  • Wednesday – Math Quiz 8, Penmanship Test 4
  • Friday – Spelling Test 15


Mrs. Bouter


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