GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Snow Day Update

on November 27, 2014

What do you do on a snow day? Update your blog, of course! 😛

Shoeboxes – Final Numbers

Amazingly, Grace Christian School put together a whooping 203 shoeboxes! God has indeed blessed us with the opportunity to bless others. Our shoeboxes will be among the 4,176 boxes to be shipped from PEI to Ukraine. Well done, students!

Christmas Program & Clothing Requests

As you are probably well aware, we have begun preparing for our Christmas Musical in elementary.  I am sure some of you have already began preparing for the holidays yourselves. As part of the program this year, we are asking students to wear the following colors for the Christmas program:  Red, White, Black, or Silver.  Any combination of these colors are acceptable.  Each student will also be responsible for having a pair of sunglasses in one of the four colors as well. We are looking forward to the challenge of learning many new songs and lines. Let the holiday season begin!


I forgot I had snapped a few shots on our field trip!

IMG_20141118_101918697_HDRIMG_20141118_101929476_HDRIMG_20141117_104710660 IMG_20141118_095242970 IMG_20141118_095858277   IMG_20141118_104637134 IMG_20141118_104643189 IMG_20141118_104813802 IMG_20141118_105146573 IMG_20141118_105358408 IMG_20141118_105800625 IMG_20141118_105810831 IMG_20141118_111447890_HDR IMG_20141118_111552275 IMG_20141118_112132910 IMG_20141118_112151516 IMG_20141118_112302829_HDR IMG_20141118_112621276 IMG_20141118_115915249 IMG_20141118_115954781_HDR IMG_20141118_120035973_HDR IMG_20141118_120231975 IMG_20141119_090940590


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