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A Bit of Normality in November – November 17-21

on November 16, 2014

Here we go with the first full week we’ve had in a while! It has been a whirlwind over the last few weeks and I, for one, am excited to get back on track with a more regular routine. 🙂

There are some special events upcoming this week.

Operation Christmas Child

Remember that Operation Christmas Child boxes are due THIS WEDNESDAY. Students can include a letter and picture of themselves if they wish, along with items such as toys, hard candies, toothbrushes, drawing materials, jewelry, balls, etc. If your child did not receive a fold-able box as the school has had a shortage this year, then they can use a regular shoe box. However, if you find yourself without a box, please contact me as I may have one or two hanging around my house which I am willing to give to students. My own box is packed and ready to go! I look forward to showing the students some of the goodies I’ve collected to go inside, in hopes of getting them excited about the joy of giving to the less fortunate and making their Christmas special.

Pancake Breakfast/Silent Auction

THIS Saturday morning, November 22, from 8:00am -11:30 am, we will be hosting our 10th annual Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction. Tickets are $20 per family (or $5 per person), and includes pancakes (traditional OR Gluten Free), sausages, tea, coffee and juice. There will also be a large silent auction held throughout the morning, with items ranging from home made crafts, baked goods, gift cards and gift certificates, gift baskets, toys and many, many gift items! Tickets have been sent home to each family and we ask that you sell all five tickets and return the stubs and money to the school by Thursday, November 20.  Any tickets not sold, should also be returned.  

Studying Math Facts

I am very proud of the students for how well they are all progressing, particularly in the area of math! However, it is becoming increasingly important for all students to work on mastering their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts. I encourage students to review tables nightly, particularly the facts they have the most trouble with, so that they can move through their math work efficiently, especially as computation problems tend to get longer during the second quarter. Also, in grade three, oral math fact quizzes will be given along with their regular math tests. Studying will ensure that they are prepared!

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Tuesday – Math Test 7
  • Thursday – Oral Math Facts Quiz
  • Friday – Spelling Test 9

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Language Quiz 7
  • Wednesday – Math Quiz 5
  • Friday – Spelling Test 9


Everything from art class and Grandparents’ Day, to the Remembrance Learning Centers and Mrs. MacNeill’s class demonstrating their science projects. Enjoy!

IMG_20141113_144333086IMG_20141110_115203769 IMG_20141110_115321556 IMG_20141110_115446255 IMG_20141110_115509583 IMG_20141110_144124590 IMG_20141110_144330002 IMG_20141110_144448256 IMG_20141110_144504332 IMG_20141110_144524662 IMG_20141110_144652377 IMG_20141110_144719038 IMG_20141110_144752033 IMG_20141110_144834879 IMG_20141110_144911835 IMG_20141110_150736945 IMG_20141112_135006405_HDR IMG_20141112_140648548 IMG_20141112_141157703 IMG_20141112_143935154 IMG_20141113_142956648


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