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The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

A Time to Reflect and a Time to Celebrate – November 10-13

on November 9, 2014

Hello parents,

As it was a weekend full of writing report cards for teachers at Grace, I’ve had time to reflect on the progress of the students thus far. I must say, I am tremendously pleased with all they have accomplished and am looking forward to sharing your child’s success with you this coming week during interviews! Be sure to schedule a time on either Thursday evening or Friday morning by signing the sheets in the entrance or calling the school office and speaking with Miss Fanning.

Remembrance Day and Grandparent’s Day

Tomorrow you are invited to attend GCS’s annual Remembrance Day Ceremony, beginning at 1:00. This will be followed by a celebration of Grandparent’s Day, complete with classroom visits at the end. Remember that stand-in grandparents are encouraged for students who do not have these dear loved ones nearby.

Remembrance Learning Stations

On Wednesday afternoon, we are collaborating once again with the Jr. High & High School students to complete learning stations that will teach us about the symbols of Remembrance. Exciting!

Literacy Fair

Last year during this time, GCS was blessed to earn $264 in free Usborne Books for our school library and classrooms. Students will have the opportunity to view the books on Wednesday morning and will be able to create wish lists to take home.  A fantastic opportunity to begin some Christmas shopping! Mrs. Biech will be available from 3-4 pm after school on Thursday, as well as between interviews on Thursday evening andFriday morning. Another option would be to email her directly to place an order if they are unable to attend- mbiech.ubooks@gmail.com.  The link to the online catalog is

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

The only test that will be taking place week will be the Bible Quiz on Thursday. Students will have two weeks to work on Spelling List 9.


This past week, Summerside basketball players took the school by STORM! 😛 We were very fortunate enjoy a read-aloud by one of the Island Storm athletes. as well as a time to ask questions and get an auto-graph. Also, our trip to The Mount proved to be a wonderful time of sharing with seniors. You can check out a few of the pictures from these two events, as well as the photos with Chris Hadfield, below.

Hadfield1 Hadfield2 100_3426 100_3427 100_3433 100_3434 100_3437 100_3438 100_3439 100_3441 100_3442 100_3444 100_3445 6590603_orig IMG_20141029_135535160 IMG_20141105_095418171 IMG_20141105_100536188 IMG_20141105_100601538 IMG_20141105_100734499_HDR


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