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The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

A Short Week – October 27-29

on October 26, 2014

Hello parents and readers!

I have to say that last week with its full load of science and technology was an absolute joy to partake in. Kudos to Mrs. MacNeill for her fantastic organization of the week! Be sure to check out some of the pictures below.

With no school on Thursday and Friday, tomorrow begins a short and exciting week at GCS. Take a look at what’s coming up.

Cereal Box Book Report

I am looking forward to seeing the grade four students’ creations tomorrow as their book reports will be due. Last Friday the students and I had a great time together in the kitchen as we took a literal twist on the main lesson of Song of the Brook and made some delicious lemonade to enjoy and share with fellow students and teachers.

Combined Spelling and Social Studies Test

We did not have a traditional spelling test on Friday as last week’s words were intended to go be a combined spelling and social studies test. This means that students will need to study and be able to identify the provinces on a map. We will be having this test on Tuesday.

Fall Party

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls! On Wednesday, we will be heading to the Lairds’ farm for our annual Fall Party! Permission slips went home last week so be sure to check in your child’s agenda pocket if you haven’t signed it yet. Please let me know if you can help out with driving or supplying simple desserts.

Visit to the Mount

Next Monday, November 3rd, we will be travelling to The Mount Continuing Care Community to minister to the seniors there and to “adopt a Grandparent” for a short time. Permission slips will be sent home this week. Again, we will need drives for this event so please let me know if you can help.

Picture Orders and Retakes

Please note that picture orders are due by November 5th. Retakes will occur on Thursday, November 13th.

Remembrance Day 

On Monday, November 10th, GCS will be holding a Remembrance Day ceremony from 1:00-2:00 in the afternoon. Everyone is welcome to attend and commemorate those who have sacrificed for freedom.

Grandparents’ Day

The Remembrance Day ceremony will be followed by our Grandparents’ Day program at 2:00 to honour these very special people in our lives. Afterwards there will be coffee, tea, and snacks downstairs. Grandparents are invited to come and visit their grandchildren in their classrooms. If a student’s grandparents cannot join us, stand-in grandparents are more than welcome! We love to see families come together and celebrate the special relationships God has blessed us with, even if they are not the most conventional.

Layering Up

As you have probably all noticed, it’s getting COLD! Please ensure your child is adequately dressed for the weather.

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Tuesday – Spelling Test 7

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Spelling Test 7
  • Wednesday – Math Quiz 4

IMG_20141024_110204883IMG_20141016_121807163_HDR IMG_20141016_121816573_HDR IMG_20141016_121839389 IMG_20141016_121912232 IMG_20141017_122537684 IMG_20141020_144616300 IMG_20141020_144711986 IMG_20141020_144801119 IMG_20141020_144821937 IMG_20141020_144841583 IMG_20141020_145021642 IMG_20141022_141224547 IMG_20141022_141636609 IMG_20141022_142832071 IMG_20141022_142947733 IMG_20141022_143050577 IMG_20141022_143509135 IMG_20141022_143526802 IMG_20141022_143824996 IMG_20141022_143941080 IMG_20141022_144143699 IMG_20141022_144301750 IMG_20141022_144810643 IMG_20141022_144936677 IMG_20141022_145029492 IMG_20141022_145109910 IMG_20141023_121748207 IMG_20141024_090133308_HDR IMG_20141024_090142868_HDR IMG_20141024_090146743 IMG_20141024_090205772 IMG_20141024_090225742_HDR IMG_20141024_090251084 IMG_20141024_090900540 IMG_20141024_105744429 IMG_20141024_105750670 IMG_20141024_110148211  IMG_20141024_122317168 IMG_20141024_122440765


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