GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Falling into Autumn – October 6 – 10

on October 6, 2014

Hello parents!

I just have to start off by saying that I have been boasting about your children to my colleagues all weekend. They are such a joy to work with and I am so pleased by their attentiveness and progress over the last month. Bravo, parents! Your kids are awesome!

Cross Country

Tomorrow students will be travelling to the Terry Fox Sports Complex for the annual Cross Country competition from 9:00-12:00. Students are reminded to take along a water bottle and a light snack, as well as dress for the weather. It should be a fun day of positive sportsmanship and athletic fun!

International Dinner

Time to stir up your global appetite! Tomorrow will be the first ever International Potluck Dinner at 5:30. Families are asked to bring a dish or dessert to share that represents their family’s heritage. GCS will provide tea, coffee and cold drinks as students from around the world entertain us with their talent! Personally, my husband and I are planning on bringing some good old Dutch hagelslag (er… chocolate sprinkles) on bread. Hope to see you there!

Song of the Brook

I’m excited to announce that grade four students will be starting the novel Song of the Brook by Matilda Nordvedt this week. This sequel to Secret in the Maple Tree continues the story of Hilda and her family as they move to Washington State. Its dominant theme, making the best of every situation in which God places one, builds students’ character and allows them to recognize that a novel usually has one prevailing idea. We will be reading a chapter a day in class and then I will assign a chapter for homework every night. For every chapter, students will write a sentence summarizing the main action on a sticky note. It is very important that students keep up with the assigned chapters. From their comments, I know that some of the students will be very excited to continue reading about the adventures of Hilda!

World Vision Coin Drive – A Grade 3/4 Challenge!

As this week marks our annual World Vision Coin Drive, I have decided to initiate a special challenge for my students in grade 3 and 4. I will match any donations that the students give in hopes that, together, we can make a significant contribution to this worthy cause! I encourage students not just to ask their parents for contributions, but to find a way to earn money to give themselves. There is nothing quite like being able to help those in need, especially since we are so blessed in this part of the world.


Of course, there will be no school on Monday, October 13, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all have a wonderful day to be grateful for all the LORD has blessed us with!

Science and Technology Week

Coming up in the near future is Science and Technology Week. From October 20-24, we will be engaging in activities to learn more about Mrs. MacNeill’s favorite subject: SCIENCE! It certainly is something to look forward to!

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Thursday – Math Test 3, Penmanship Test 2
  • Friday – Spelling Test 5, Language Quiz 2

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Math Quiz 2
  • Thursday – Math Test 2
  • Friday – Spelling Test 5, Writing Assignment Due

Laughter and Pictures

For all you parents of grade 4 students, I took a video two weeks ago that makes me laugh every time I watch it. Your children had a full blown laugh attack one afternoon. There’s nothing like a child’s laughter to soothe the soul! Take a peek by following the link below:


Finally, here are a couple of pictures from our art activity creating the infamous “Gallon Man”.

100_3409100_3405 100_3406 100_3408  IMG_20141001_132747412 IMG_20141001_134409024_HDR IMG_20141001_134417026 IMG_20141001_134431720 IMG_20141001_134439448


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