GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

A Look Ahead – September 22-26

on September 22, 2014

The second week is down and another busy one lies ahead! I hope you have all had a refreshing Lord’s Day and were able to get outside to enjoy the warm fall sunshine. According to the weather forecast, it looks like we a beautiful week ahead of us! That begin said, please make sure that your child is appropriately dressed as, even though the sun is shining, the air is cooling down little by little. The wind can be quite nippy as it blows across the playground on the hill!

Weekly Test Folders

Beginning tomorrow, your child will take home a weekly test folder containing graded tests and quizzes. The test folder is due back the following day with the signature of a parent. I will be keeping all tests and quizzes in each student’s file for future reference. Test and quiz scores will be officially recorded on the school management website. Log in anytime to check the progress of your child.

If your child does not understand a concept, then it is important that he or she goes over it at home. I encourage parents review items that were incorrect on tests and in the daily work with your child. Content that is to be mastered will appear again on tests, so it is important that, if your child is struggling with a certain concept, he or she understands what to work on. Also, I do encourage students to study by reviewing the concept boxes at the top of their Language Arts and Math books. Doing practice exercises before a test is especially helpful. I too will review challenge areas in class before tests are administered, but home support is always appreciated and encouraged. I want to see your child succeed in all areas!

Terry Fox Run Reminder

As mentioned before, the Terry Fox Run will be taking place this Wednesday at 2:00. I suggest that students take their water bottles so that, as they jog around the green space in front of the school, they can keep well-hydrated.

No Library

Because of the run, the grade 3-4 class will not be having library this week.

Something Fun in the Community

Every so often I stumble upon interesting community events that I like to share. Here is one coming up this Saturday:

SEPT 27, 10am – 2pm
The Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island will hold its 26th annual Open House on Saturday, September 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Organized and run by AVC students, AVC Open House is an opportunity for the public to go behind the scenes at a veterinary medical college. Visitors will see many demonstrations and exhibits, including a parade of dog breeds; clicker training with dogs; a painted cow and horse; and much more. Children can bring their favourite stuffed toys for a check-up and treatment at the always-popular Teddy Bear Clinic. And they can have their faces painted, get balloon animals, and learn how to gown up for surgery.
Visitors are welcome to bring canned cat or dog food or toys for the PEI Humane Society.
AVC Open House is one of the largest, most successful open houses in Atlantic Canada. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Tuesday – Language Test 1
  • Thursday – Math Test 1
  • Friday – Spelling Test 3

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Math Test 1, Language Quiz 2
  • Wednesday – Language Test 1
  • Friday – Spelling Test 3

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