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on September 8, 2014

We had a fabulous, albeit VERY hot, day at Canoe Cove last Friday. Students spent the day doing team relays, having a chapel time with songs and a message, and playing on the equipment. 🙂

There is a LOT of information to share regarding new subject teachers, our class schedule, the agenda, homework, our behavior levels and system of consequences, the milk program, dress code, and updating information. Please bear with me as I present this plethora of information.

Subject Teachers and Schedule

This year grade three and four students will have different teachers for various subjects. I have the privilege of teaching Language, Math, Spelling, Penmanship, and Art. Additionally, Mrs. McGonnell will teach Bible, Mrs. MacNeill will teach Science, Mrs. Huizing will teach Library, Mrs. Barton will teach Music, and Mrs. Laird will teach French and Gym. 

Students will have Gym every Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure you child has a pair of sneakers for gym, which can also be used for their indoor shoes. Please no dresses or skirts on gym days.

The Agenda

The agenda is an important tool we use to communicate between home and school. Forms that need to go home can be found in the agenda pocket. Forms and envelopes with money that need to come in to school should likewise be kept in the agenda pocket. Each day, students will write their homework on the day’s date with a box for placing a check in once they have completed each homework task. Students will also write their behavior level (see below) on the bottom line of the agenda every day.


Your child will be expected to complete any homework. This includes reading homework which should take, on average, fifteen minutes per night. When helping your child with reading homework you should encourage your child to read out loud to themselves once and then read it to you once. Please listen as he/she reads to ensure your child is reading correctly. Encourage your child to use expression and to re-read if he/she is having difficultly with the passage.  

Students can check off the items in their agenda once they have completed them.

Please sign your child’s agenda each night when homework is complete.

Grade three and four will also have spelling homework three times per week. Each student has a spelling folder with information in the front regarding the spelling program. Students are expected to study/write out the spelling list a minimum of three times per week at home.

Behavior Levels and System of Consequences

This year, we have a very firm behavior system that we will be adhering to that will make our classroom run smoothly and fairly. This is the behavior system as written for the students to read. It may be good to familiarize yourself with what we do in the classroom.

Time Chart

  • This chart is used for transitions from one activity to another.
  • You gain time for recess when you calmly and correctly complete a transition within the posted amount of time.
  • You lose time off of the next recess when you do not complete a transition within the posted amount of time.
  • If you complete the transition within the time limit, but do not do it calmly and correctly, you will lose one minute.
  • Extra time for recess will take place when the teacher decides.

Level Up, Level Down Chart

  • At the beginning of the year, this chart is used for recording whether or not students are following procedures correctly and meeting expectations.
  • Later in the year, this chart will be used for rewarding any outstanding accomplishment, completed work without errors, positive behaviour, and acts of kindness (beyond everyday standard expectations).
  • This chart is used for a reward system.
  • This chart is used for informing parents of behaviour.
  • There are seven levels on the chart with different consequences:
    • Super Student (one star on their name; five stars equals a prize from the prize box)
    • Great Job
    • Good Choices
    • Ready to Learn (every student starts here every day)
    • Think About It (two cards have been earned and two minutes of recess lost)
    • Teacher’s Choice (four cards have been earned and four minutes of recess lost; you must fill out a Think Sheet during recess or afterschool and have it signed by parents)
    • Parent Contact (student and teacher make a phone call home immediately; student must explain behavior and what they are going to do to change)
  • Every student will level up once if they have NO CARDS in their name slot by first recess, again by lunch recess, and again at the end of the day.
  • At the end of the day you will write down what level you ended on in your agenda on the bottom line of that day’s date.
  • If you get to Teacher’s Choice or Parent Contact, you must serve the consequence and then have to work on improving your behavior. If Mrs. Bouter notices your effort and improvement, she will tell you to level up.

Rule Cards

  • This system is used as for individual students.
  • These are the everyday rules for the class:
    1. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    2. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
    3. Follow directions quickly.
    4. Make smart choices.
  • Each rule card has the number of the rule printed on it.
  • If you break a rule, then the card with that number will go in the chart with your name. You will stay in for one minute of the following recess for every card you earn.
  • The cards go back in the card slot after you have stayed in.
  • If there are five people with rule cards at one time, then the whole class stays in for one minute.
  • If you have two cards at a time, then you also level down.
  • If you earn another two cards, you level down again.
  • “Make smart choices” includes following the procedures correctly.

Milk Program

The milk program will begin the week of Sept. 15th- 19th. The cost for white milk is $0.45 and chocolate is $0.70.  Milk money is due on Wednesday, Sept. 10th for the week of Sept. 15th-19th.  You may pay on Wednesdays on a weekly basis, or if you wish you can pay in advance for a month.  Please send the exact change in a sealed envelope (please no plastic zip-lock bags) and place it in your child’s agenda. On the envelope, please write the following:

  • Name of the student
  • The amount in the envelope
  • The purpose of the money 

Sending in money this way helps us keep orders organized.  In an effort to keep our morning routine running smoothly, we will be collecting money only on Wednesday morning.  All hot lunch orders will also be collected on Wednesday.

Meet the Teacher Night

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Meet the Teacher Night. The evening will begin at 6:30 in the church auditorium for a presentation of some important information. Following that you are invited down to your child’s classroom to meet the teacher and to see your child’s room. I would love to meet you all to give you an idea of what a day in grade 3 and 4 looks like.

Dress Code

Please keep in mind our school dress code when you or your child are picking out clothes for school. Below is our dress code taken from the parent handbook.

5.3 Elementary School Dress Code (Grades 1-6)
Elementary clothes are to be modest, clean, neat, and appropriate. Clothes with a rebellious or negative message are considered dress code violations. Shorts are permitted when appropriate for the weather. Shorts and skirts must not be shorter than just above the knee. Clothing not permitted in the elementary includes pyjamas and tank tops.

Updating Information

If you have not completed and handed in your Parent Commission for the 2014-15 school year, please bring the completed form to the school office for our records. This completed form is required for your child to be enrolled at GCS. The form can be found on the GCS website, under the header “Resources” —> “Forms”.

It is our goal to provide numerous communication avenues with our school community and parents; to accomplish this, it is imperative that we have your pertinent contact information on file in our database. In addition, we require your children’s health/medical information in the case of emergency. If you have not added or verified your current contact information or your children’s health/medical information, please ensure that you complete this by Monday, September 8.

To add or change your email address, address, or phone numbers, log into gcs.myschoolmanagement.com like normal and click “My Contact Details” at the top left. Make your changes and click “save” at the bottom. You don’t need to add or change the student information in the lower section of the form unless your child is in grade 7-12 and has a new/different email address than what is listed.

To add or change your doctor/medical information or consent information, log into gcs.myschoolmanagement.com like normal and click the “open” link in the questionnaire section in the middle of the page. With regards to the medical information, there are a few extraneous fields that we don’t use (blood type, physical condition, and psychological condition) – these do not need to be filled in.

You will be able to add or update your emergency contact information in the same manner soon; you will be updated when this is available. If you have any questions or problems about this, please contact Mr. Ellis at jordanellis@gracechristianschool.ca


That was a long post! Thank you for bearing with me. Be sure to check back for updates as we forge into this new school year. 🙂

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”
Be transformed!

Mrs. Bouter



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