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A Busy and Beautiful Spring!

on April 12, 2014

Well, perhaps we can finally say “Welcome, spring!” as it looks like it’s warming up and there is a lot to blog about!

Meet Bowen, Our New Student

Bowen joined us the day before the big snowstorm hit and I’ve neglected to mention him in my blog since then. In any case, we are extremely pleased to welcome him to GCS! I encourage all students to try to make Bowen feel accepted and help him learn English by communicating with him lots!

Spring Photos on Monday

This is a reminder that Spring Photos take place this Monday so please send in the forms that went out last week and have your child bring his or her best smile!

Easter Seals Ambassador

On Tuesday morning at 11:25 we will be having Brett Robinson, the 2014 Easter Seals Ambassador, visit the school. We are excited to welcome him and to learn more about special needs on PEI.

Canadian Achievement Tests

This week will be unusual as students will be writing the Canadian Achievement Tests on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Students will not have regular math or language arts work for the majority of the week, but they must keep on top of their reading, penmanship, Bible verse memorization, and spelling work.


April is re-enrollment month.  Take advantage of the reduced enrollment fees before April 30th.

On or before April 30: $200/family

May 1 – June 30: $250/family

After June 30: $350/family

Family Fun Run 

This year’s Family Fun Run will take place on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 10:30 am – 12:00 noon. Funds generated will be used to purchase an outdoor shooting apparatus that will be placed in the elementary playground. Be sure to check your child’s agenda for the information sheet that went home last week as well as the registration form and a sponsorship form for students. Remember, all students who raise over $50.00 will get a prize. I am personally excited to have a reason to get back in running shape and join in this fun, community-building event!

Hyundai Test Drive Event

On Wednesday, May 7th, we’re teaming up with our neighbours on the Action Corner, Experience Hyundai and Subaru of Charlottetown, for a test drive event in support of our school! You are invited to join us at the school between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm to test drive a Hyundai or Subaru, while at the same time helping to support the personal and academic growth of the students at Grace Christian School. For each test drive, the good folks at Experience Hyundai & Subaru of Charlottetown will make a $20 contribution toward the school’s new infrastructure and IT fund-raising efforts. It costs NOTHING for you to take a short test drive – just a few minutes of your time. Food and beverages will be available for purchase throughout the day. For more information about this event or to volunteer your time, please contact Leanne at gcscommittee@gmail.com.GCS Golf Challenge

Mathletics at Home

I just wanted to remind parents that students can log on to their Mathletics account at home to try the various activities and to participate in Live Mathletics, competing against others students in the class and all over the world. I encourage you to use this incredible resource at home!

Grade Four Book Report

An outline and rubric for the grade four book reports went home last week. If you haven’t looked at it yet, then it is essential that you do. This is not a one day project and it is important that students have their book finished on time. If students have already finished their books, then they can begin on their report and project as soon as they like. “Corners” will be going home on Monday.

Homework Compensation

We are having difficulty with a few students not completing their homework when due and getting very behind in the workload. This makes it extremely difficult for me and Mrs. Barrett to keep students’ work corrected up to date. It also quickly becomes overwhelming for the child. I have therefore created Homework Compensation time. This will take place after school on Tuesday and Thursday. Students who failed to complete their homework will have to remain in class at the end of the day to finish it silently. Homework will be checked daily for completion when students enter the classroom. Not correcting any circled mistakes will also count for not having homework completed. I ask for parents’ support in this! Please only sign agendas if the work is fully completed. Understand that your child will have to remain in class after school on these days if they do not complete the required tasks. My goal is that those students who are not getting the work done will take responsibility for their actions and use their time wisely to get everything finished in a reasonable time.

(Note: If students honestly don’t understand what to do, then I will show some measure of mercy. However, students have to demonstrate they tried very hard to do the work and did not just give up because it was difficult. As the sign in our classroom says, “We can do hard things!”)

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Both Grade 3 and Grade 4

  • Thursday – Spelling Test 23
  • Thursday – Oral Bible Quiz (Verse to be announced. Check agenda pocket for the verse on Monday.)
  • KEEP ON TOP OF READING! Grade four students should be finishing their novels this week if they can at all.

Whew! That was a lot!


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