GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Love, Reading, and Olympic Spirit Are in the Air!

on February 11, 2014

Hello everyone!

Over the next two weeks, there is a LOT happening that you should know about.

Love of Reading Week

This week there are various activities happening in the school to encourage students to READ, READ, READ! These include randomly chosen “Stop, Drop, and READ!” times on Monday and Friday when students are trying to get caught reading wherever they are in the school. On Wednesday, students can make their way up to the library for a special library surprise (which I think may be edible :P). Finally, on Thursday, we are having Character Dress Up Day when students can come to school dressed as their favorite character from a book. Please make sure costumes are appropriate. It should be a blast and I can’t wait to see how everyone will look!

Olympic Reading Challenge

As part of Love of Reading Week, students went home last Thursday with their Olympic Reading Challenge Sheets and they have been reading diligently ever since! I encourage all students to work toward earning at least one medal in this reading challenge. Sheets containing a description of the various challenges are located in agenda pocket. They need to be signed off by a parent and a teacher. Some students have already earned gold medals in some of the more difficult events, like Taylor who achieved her golden goal of reading for three hours in a day. Please encourage your child to keep at it and enjoy reading!


Forms went home yesterday for skating tomorrow. However, we are still in need of drivers. If you are able to drive, please let me know asap. Please pick up your child AT THE RINK at 2:45. Helmets are a must for this event.

Valentine’s Day

We will be having a bit of a Valentine’s Day party on Friday, Students can bring in valentines to hand out to their classmates and we will enjoy some crafts and cookies at the end of the day.

Last Day for Our Chinese Students

On Thursday, TY and his family are leaving for China for an undetermined amount of time. Thus, we want to wish him goodbye until we hopefully get to see him again. If any students happen to have a valentine for TY ready, please bring it in tomorrow. Also, Coco will be heading back to China as well, after having spent a month in our classroom and learning lots of English. We want to wish her all the best as she travels!

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Tuesday – Math Test 15
  • Tuesday – Oral Bible Quiz – Nahum 1:7 (for anyone who hadn’t completed it)
  • Wednesday – Penmanship Test 4
  • Friday – Spelling Test 17

Grade 4

  • Wednesday – Penmanship Test 4
  • Friday – Spelling Test 17





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