GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Classroom Happenings – A Mid-Week Update

on November 5, 2013


As a mid-week update, I thought I would post about the spelling, which is a bit different from previous weeks, our story-writing project, and a day to rake leaves.


Since these next two weeks are short, Spelling Test 7 will not be written until Thursday, November 14. (I apologize for any confusion when I posted previously that we had a spelling test this Friday. It’s obviously not true.)

In addition to the regular spelling test, students added eight individualized words to their word list which they struggled with from previous tests. If students did well on their tests and did not have eight words that they needed to review, they chose words which they wanted to learn how to spell.


Last week we wrote collaborative outlines with the kindergarten class. This week, students need to get writing! They will have time to work on these in class but students will likely have to complete their stories at home tomorrow evening. This is just a heads-up for parents. I would dearly like for them to finish their stories so that this piece of writing can be assessed in time for report cards.

An Act of Service – Raking Leaves for Our Beloved Mrs. Barrett

As a special gift for Mrs. Barrett, next Wednesday, November 13, our class will plan on going over and raking up the plentiful leaves that cover her lawn. This is just a simple way of saying thank you for all the work she does in our class! However, for this to work, we require rakes. If you have a rake that we could borrow for the day, please send it in. If the weather is unsuitable, we will try to go on Thursday, November 14, instead. I’m looking forward to seeing her face when all of her leaves disappear!

Thanks, parents! I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!


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