GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

A Look at the Week Ahead – Oct. 21-23

on October 20, 2013

Well, the verge of another short week is upon us and, boy oh boy, do we have some busy days coming up.

Show and Tell

As a reward for reaching 200 hundred stars, the class chose to do a Show and Tell activity. This will take place on Wednesday, October 23 after chapel in the morning. Students can bring in an object which they can talk about or demonstrate a special talent to the class.

Fall Party

For our annual Fall Party, the elementary classes will be travelling to Anne and Lee Laird’s farm for the afternoon on Wednesday, October 23. We will enjoy a barbecue, a hayride, and some good old-fashioned games. Students can dress up as cowgirls and cowboys or any variety of country bumpkin. Please be mindful of the weather as it is getting colder this time of year. The form went home last Friday so please ensure that it gets signed and is returned to school.

A Short Week and the Changes It Brings

There will be no classes on Thursday, October 24 or Friday, October 25 as all teachers at Grace will be travelling to Moncton for the annual ACSI Conference. Students, enjoy your days off! As a result of it being only a three day week, I will hold off on sending the weekly test folders home. They will be sent home the following Monday. Also, there will be no spelling test this week.

Grade Four Reading

The novel Song of the Brook was sent home with the grade four students last week. It is important that they keep up with their assigned readings and do not fall behind. Reading to a parent is encouraged as well as retelling the story. If your child cannot retell what he or she just read, he or she should read it again.

To Study or Not to Study? The Answer Is Study!

If a student does not understand a concept, then it is important that he or she goes over it at home. I encourage parents to go over items that were incorrect on your child’s tests and in his or her daily work with your child. Items that are supposed to be mastered will appear again on tests, so it is important that, if he or she doesn’t get it the first time, he or she understands what went wrong. Also, I do encourage students to study by reviewing the concept boxes at the top of their Language Arts and Math books. Doing practice exercises before a test is especially helpful. I want to see your child succeed in all areas!

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Tuesday – Math Test 4

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Math Quiz 3
  • Wednesday – Language Test 3



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