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on October 15, 2013

There always seems to be a few items to add to the blog once the week begins in full. Here are a a couple of them for this week:


Free Milk Day

Free Milk Day is Thursday, October 17th. We will all be getting free milk delivered at lunchtime!

School Picture Day

Also on Thursday we will have school picture day. A form went home with each student for you to check off the poses and the background for the photos. These must be returned on Thursday so that your child can hand it to the photographer when it is his or her turn in front of the camera.

French Fries for the Capital Honda Drive for Learning Event

A form to order French fries went home today if you are interested in purchasing some fries for your child’s lunch from the Cavendish fry truck. Orders are $2.00.

Fall Party

The annual Fall Party will be taking place next week on Wednesday, October 23. We are planning on taking the elementary grades to the Lairds’ farm for an afternoon of fun, including a barbeque and a hayride. Watch for permission forms coming home this week. It is possible that we will need drivers and volunteers for this event although that is yet to be confirmed.

ACSI Conference

Also coming up next week is the ACSI Conference for teachers in Moncton. That means that there will be no school on Thursday, October 24 or Friday, October 25.

I do believe that is it for now. Enjoy the evening!


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