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A Look at the Week Ahead – Oct. 7-11

on October 7, 2013

My apologies for this late post. The weekend flew by like a french fry snatched by a low-flying seagull.

The week ahead is going to be a busy one, with lots of activity happening in and outside of the classroom.

Spelling Activities

First, a quick clarification about the spelling program this year. This is also written on the back of the spelling sheet but I’ll post it here too:

Homework Grade

One point I would like to make is that this sheet is actually worth a homework mark that comprises 10% of your child’s spelling grade. This is because I honour hard work and effort, even if your child still struggles with getting all the right answers. However, it must be completed by Friday and passed in for it to count. Late or unsigned sheets are not accepted.

Optional Activities

The activities your child uses to study words do not have to be the ones included on this sheet. If he or she studies best by simply writing out the word list, as has been done in the past, then by all means feel free to have your child do that. Also, sometimes doing three activities is just not enough to get a good grasp of the words. If your child needs to study more in order to master the spelling of words, then have him or her do so. I find that one of the best strategies for mastering words is “Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check” in which students look at the word, say the word, cover the word, try to write the word from memory, and then check to see if it is spelled right. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that the words are sufficiently studied.

Getting It Wrong? Then Go Back and Retry!

Perhaps this goes without saying, but I feel that it should be noted that spelling activities are only beneficial if your child studies the correct way to spell the words. If he or she spells it wrong, go back and do it again until he or she can spell it right consistently.


There are vocabulary words on each test. Sometimes students will be required to write the definition or put the words in a sentence. Other times, they will be expected to match the definition or tell if the word has been used correctly. These also need to be studied.

Grade Four Provincial Math Assessment

On Tuesday and Wednesday, grade four students all across the Island will be participating the provincial math assessment. There will be no math homework for the grade four students for Monday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday depending on how the day unfolds.

World Vision Coin Drive

This week there will be a “no-longer-penny” drive to raise funds for World Vision. The school participates in this event every year. There is a bucket in the classroom in which to deposit funds.

Library Month Activity

It’s Library Month! In honour of this event, Mrs. Huizing is encouraging students to participate in a “Design a Book Cover” competition. This is optional. Completed covers should be turned in by the end of this week.

Honda Test Drive Event

Grace Christian School is pleased to partner with Honda for a test drive event that will raise funds for the school! This will take place on October 16 at the Honda dealership. All you have to do is come and test drive a vehicle to help out! Fries will also be for sale in the event that you get the munchies.

School Pictures

Say cheese! School picture day is scheduled for October 17. That’s not this week, but keep it in mind.

Food and Milk Orders

As there seems to always be a lot of forms going home and funds coming in, I thought I would try to clarify the food and milk order for parents:

  • Milk Orders are due on Fridays for the following week.
  • Subway Orders are due on Wednesday for subs served on Thursdays. I think this will eventually alternate with another hot lunch option every second week, but that has not yet been set in stone.
  • Hot Dog Orders are due on Thursday for hot dogs served on Friday. This will occur every second week.
  • Root Beer Float Orders are due on Thursday for floats served on Friday. This will occur every second week.
  • All of the above are, of course, optional. 

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Thursday – Bible Test 1 (oral portion; study guide is in agenda)
  • Friday – Bible Test 1 (written portion)
  • Friday – Language Arts Quiz 2
  • Friday – Math Test 3
  • Friday – Spelling Test 4

Grade 4

  • Tuesday and Wednesday – Provincial Math Assessment
  • Wednesday – Language Arts Quiz 4
  • Thursday – Bible Test 1 (oral portion; study guide is in agenda)
  • Friday – Bible Test 1 (written portion)
  • Friday – Spelling Test 4

Questions or concerns? Feel free to email any time!

Have a great week, everybody!


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