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Terry Fox Run, Root Beer Floats, Stars, Reading, Writing and More

on September 25, 2013

Hi! This is just a quick mid-week update for all of you.

Terry Fox Run

We had a great time today running in honour of Terry Fox and the fight against cancer! Check out a few of the pictures below.


Root Beer Floats

A form went home today for root beer floats which will be offered every second Friday on the weeks when hot dogs are not offered. This is purely optional. If your child becomes particularly bouncy after having pop, I’d suggest not having them participate (This comment may be coming from my selfish teacher side. :P). Please have these forms and the money in by Thursday if you choose this option. This will ensure that the root beer float order does not get mixed in with the milk order that we take in on Friday.


As I’m sure your child has excitedly told you, we have now reached 100 stars on our total star count for good behaviour! It happened a lot sooner than I had expected, which is a great thing! They have worked hard. As a reward, the class voted to have some homemade delicious treats which will be served at lunchtime on Friday.

Reading Homework

I apologize for the confusion, but I am making a slight change to what was previously stated. Grade four students should read their selections from their readers once to themselves and once to a parent. Grade three students should read twice to themselves and once to a parent. Thanks for your support in this.


A Social Studies letter writing project called The Great Canadian Mail Rail was introduced on Monday. We are writing to grade three and four students across Canada in order to learn more about our country and to tell others about our own province. This project is due tomorrow, as you may already know. Please ensure that it is complete.


I just wanted to end this post with a few pictures taken this week. They are good for a laugh!

Have a great rest of the week!



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