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Personal Coat of Arms

on September 10, 2013

Greetings! It was a very eventful Tuesday with a lot of “firsts.” We had Mathletics, French, Gym and Music all on the same day. Whew!

I thought I would take the time to write a quick post regarding our first Social Studies project that is due tomorrow. The Personal Coat of Arms is based on the following premise:

  • Social Studies means exploring the world and the stories of the people who live or have lived in it.
  • Social Studies means exploring our own stories too!
  • Coats of arms help tell the story of the people they represent.
  • Our coats of arms will help tell our stories.

Your child will have taken home a sheet with what looks like a shield. There are four quadrants, a middle section and a banner at the bottom to fill in with either words or drawings. 

  • The middle is for your child’s name and a symbol that represents him or her.
  • One quadrant is entitled “My Character.” Your child can write words or draw pictures of inner qualities he or she possesses (Strength, care, curiosity, etc.)
  • The next quadrant is entitled “My Family.” It can contain a drawing or the names of family members.
  • Another quadrant is “My Community.” This can be anywhere your child defines as where they live. some may choose their town as their community. Some may say that Prince Edward Island is their community. Some may just say that their community is their church or the area directly around their home.
  • The last quadrant is “My Heritage.” In this space, your child can write their family origins (English? Chinese? A mix?) and draw something to represent this (A flag? A symbol?).
  • The banner is reserved for a personal motto or favourite verse (For instance, “Be strong in the LORD!”, our school motto this year).

I think that’s it! I look forward to proudly displaying your child’s hard work on our wall!


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