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Our Classroom – Some General Information

on September 9, 2013

Hello parents!

Well, it was a very busy and awesome day in grade 3 and 4 with the beginning of math, language arts, science, social studies and Bible!

I realize that there is some information as well as a few procedures that need to be communicated so that we can both help your child succeed in our classroom. I’m going to take some space to go over this information here:

Meet the Teacher

On the evening of Tuesday, September 10th at 6:30, Grace Christian School will host Meet the Teacher Night. You are encouraged to come out with your child to find out more about the school, our classroom culture, the curriculum and, of course, the teacher. I would love to see you all there and will be happy to answer your questions!

Parent Covenant Forms

It is important that any outstanding forms be filled out and turned in to either me or the office. If you need a form, please ask our beloved secretary Judy for one as soon as possible.

The Agenda

This is an important tool for communication between home and school. Students will write the day’s work in their agenda. If any of that work is not completed by the end of the day, it will be assigned as homework. Completed work will have a checkmark written beside it. Also, students will be writing in upcoming events such as Meet the Teacher Night or projects such as The Personal Coat of Arms.

The date for tests and quizzes for each week will be written in the agenda at the beginning of the week. They will also be posted on the blog.

The front pocket of the agenda will be used for notes that need to go home or to the school and money for milk or filed trips.

Parents are asked to please SIGN the agenda every night so that I know you are aware of what is happening in the classroom and so that we can keep on top of schoolwork that needs to be completed.

We will be using a Level Up, Level Down Behaviour Chart in the classroom (see below). At the end of every day, students will write the level they ended with. This will keep students accountable for their behaviour and is a good way to tell you, as parents, how your child has been behaving.

Level Up, Level Down Behaviour Chart


Our classroom with use a Level Up, Level Down Chart to monitor behaviour. This chart is a great tool that allows students to be rewarded for positive behaviour, while discouraging negative behaviour. Each student has a magnet with his or her name on it. Everyone will start on “Ready to Learn” at the beginning of each day, and magnets can be moved up and down throughout the day based on behaviour. Students will earn stars on their star-shaped nametags on the door for reaching different levels (Good Choices = 1 star, Great Job = 2 star, Super Student = 3 stars). When they reach ten stars, they can exchange their their nametags for rewards. A student who has ten stars will also receive a special note home. If the class reaches one hundred stars, we will have a reward as a class.

  • The Super Student level is reserved for outstanding behavior.
  • Students can move to the Great Job level for continuing to display good behaviour. You should be very proud of your child for reaching this level!
  • Students will move to the Good Choices level for showing that they are making the right behaviour decisions! Ending the day on this level is great!
  • Every student will start the day on the Ready to Learn level. As the day goes on, magnets can be moved up and down, based on behaviour. This level is is a good one to be on.
  • A student will be moved to the Think About It level as a warning about his/her behavior, and a reminder to follow the rules.
  • Students who continue to display poor behavior can move down to the Teacher’s Choice level. Here, the teacher can decide what action to take.
  • When a student moves to the Parent Contact level, the teacher will notify parents via note or phone call. A visit to the Principal’s office might also be in order. Students on this level may also lose recess time, etc.

I think that’s it for now! I’m looking forward to tomorrow night!

Miss Robbins


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