GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Weeks of October 15-19 and 22-24

on October 14, 2012

Good Afternoon, Parents and Students!

I trust everyone enjoyed our fall party day.  We had a wonderful time playing games, watching the classic version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, eating yummy food (fruit dipped in chocolate!) and making jewelry together.

Looking ahead to the next two weeks, I have posted our newsletter which covers both the upcoming regular week and short week which follows.  Please take note of special spelling test days and other events going on in our classroom.  October 15 Newsletter

Be sure to stop by on October 17th for our Ford Drive One 4 your School event.  The money raised will be going directly to help purchase new desks for the elementary classrooms, which, of course, grades 3 and 4 are very excited about!  Students and parents can take advantage of the BBQ which will be taking place during the lunch hour (11:00 am-1:300pm) and the supper hour (4:30-6:30). 

Hamburgers ($2), hotdogs ($1), Cavendish Farms french fries ($2), popcorn ($1), and drinks ($1).



Once again, here is a link to our youtube commercial for this event, starring our very own Joshua Perry from Grade 3! Way to go, Josh! Feel free to share this with friends, family, and colleagues.



Thank you for your continued support for our school!

Mrs. D.



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