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Looking Ahead to Next Year…

on May 14, 2012

As this year winds down, teachers and administration are already looking ahead to the 2012-2013 school year and making plans.  As a part of this process, we evaluate needs within our classrooms to see if there are areas that are in need of upgrading, restocking, etc.  I would like to include parents in this process by inviting you to pray for these ongoing needs and to contribute in areas that you feel led.  We continue to be amazed by God’s provision for our school.  He has been so faithful!

Our most recent blessing has been an answer to prayer for me.  Last month, I applied for a music grant to purchase a fabulous music curriculum called MUSIC PLAY! that incorporates smartboard technology in the music classroom.  We received word that we were granted $1100.00 dollars towards the cost of the curriculum for grades K-6.  (That’s over 60% of the cost!) I am so excited to incorporate this into the music education that your children already receive. 

New desks and chairs – our current desks and chairs have been well loved by a few decades of Grace Christian School students.   The frames are beginning to show strain, and the writing surfaces are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.  We would love to invest in a class set of  new desks and chairs that are similar to the high school desks, but with a cubby underneath.  The cost of replacing the desks for a classroom is approximately $2500.00-$3000.00. 

Smart Board – as a part of our technology plan, we hope to eventually incorporate this tool into every classroom of our school. Last year, the provincial government donated  two smartboards to the highschool, and Miss Doyle received one for the grades 1 & 2 classroom.   These boards provide a hands-on interactive learning environment  for our students.  The cost of the board and the projector is approximately $5000.00.

Carpet for Reading Space – If you’ve noticed the wonderful educational carpet that Miss Doyle has in her classroom, you’ll know what a bright addition to the classroom this is.  I am interested in creating a reading corner in our classroom, with a few bean bag chairs and a carpet for story time. 

Shelving for Books – we are in need of more sturdy shelving for the reading materials in our classroom and in the music room.  I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE books, and never seem to stop finding new ones to add to the library!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the investment you make into the lives of your children simply by having them at our school .  Your commitment and dedication are greatly appreciated, and I consider it an honor to teach here at Grace Christian School.   Thank you for praying for the needs of our classroom, and for enrolment for the upcoming school year.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in making a tax-receiptable donation to our school in any of these areas, please feel to share this list.   May God Bless you!


Mrs. Allie Devries


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