GCS Grades 3 and 4

The Adventures of Mrs. Bouter's Class

Music Festival News!

on May 10, 2012

Both the Knight Lights and one of the recorder groups have been asked to play in the Music Festival Awards Concert next Tuesday evening, May 15th.  In our class newsletter this week, we have a tenative rehearsal booked for Knight Lights today.  We will have that rehearsal today from 3-4 pm.    It is extremely important that I know ahead of time if your child will not be able to attend the concert.  It usually begins at 6 o’clock and ends at 7:30pm.  The Knight Lights have been asked to play “Axel F” and possibly “O Canada”, and the recorder song has not yet been chosen.

I will post more details about the concert when I am given more particular details.  I will  need parent volunteers to help transport instruments both to and from Park Royal church, as we did last year.  Many hands will make light work.  Please let me know if you are able to help in this way. 

Congratulations to all of our students! Bravo.

Mrs. D.




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