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on March 7, 2012

We had a fabulous time celebrating the 100th birthday of the OREO cookie yesterday!  What great fun to share the excitement with Mrs. Perry’s kindergarten class.

Tomorrow’s Knight Light’s rehearsal will be cancelled for tomorrow afternoon.  We will continue with lunch time sectionals, and will meet again next Thursday afternoon.  Those children who offered to bring snacks for the end of our rehearsal can do so next week.

Next week, our entire school will be participating in Winter Carnival Events.  Here are the details for the elementary school:

Monday, March 12th            PAJAMA DAY

Tuesday, March 13th            TWIN DAY

Wednesday, March 14th      SKIING AT BROOKVALE

Thursday, March 15th          SUPERHERO DAY

Friday, March 16th               GREEN DAY,  SKATING AT SIMMONS

This is a wonderful week for our students, and participation is strongly encouraged.  We ask the children to be creative with their costumes, to avoid spending money on this.  Have fun planning, and happy tickle-trunking!

Also, next week, we may have a guest student visiting our class for the week.  She and her family are visitng Prince Edward Island.  Let’s make her feel welcome and at home in our classroom!

Mrs. D.


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